Vision Therapy Testimonials


Vision Therapy Testimonials vision-therapy-system

David F. Portland Oregon wrote that his 11 year old son Seth had attention deficit problems, and wrote that Seth "had a greater attention span when reading" after following our vision therapy program. David himself added, ""Please use this as a testimonial on your website, your vision therapy program has worked for not only Seth, but for me and the rest of my family."

Jessica S. St. Clair Shores, Michigan, a college student wrote, that our vision therapy program kept her "from getting eyestrain when studying for hours" and "my vision improved to the point that I do not wear my contacts anymore."

Sarah R. Monterey California reads a lot of technical specifications, she wrote, "I based my decision to purchase on our email conversation, and I am glad that it happened. As you stated, I am receiving the results we discussed after the first session." She added that our program helped her to "more easily discern small print" and "increased my (her) reading speed"

Jeff Z. Santa Fe New Mexico wrote "I spend a lot of time reading and developed blurry vision at distances" and "I was skeptical about vision therapy. I had considered laser surgery, but have too much concern about experiencing complications." And finally, "Your (vision therapy) program gave me that distance vision back."

Samantha K. Mt. Rainier, DC, who is a graduate student wrote our vision therapy program "the (vision therapy) exercises kept me from developing headaches when I am studying or write all day" during the long days of busy semesters. She added "my eyes feel renewed after every therapy session" and "Thank you for introducing me to vision therapy!"

Samier M Dearborn Michigan, an athlete playing baseball, wrote that with our vision therapy he was able to "track the ball and time my swing much more accurately" resulting in an increased batting average

Alex W. Great Bridge, Virginia, writes "your (therapy) program has greatly improved my near term vision for reading"

Eric O. Royal Oak Michigan, wrote "your (therapy) exercises for nearsightedness really work" and that he "has decreased his eyestrain from reading" and "As your program suggests I am using my eyeglasses less and less every day"

Brian O. Oakbrook, Illinois, who spends a lot of time on computer screens writes, "I am really excited because I have noticed a considerable improvement in my eyesight" and the therapy "has kept me from experiencing CVS" (computer vision syndrome). He also wrote "I am going to further experiment with my grandmother who is 86 and let you know the results."

Marcus E. Boulder, Colorado, a law student wrote (program) "has allowed me to read for longer periods of time" the therapy he chose "controls my blurry vision from reading" and added "I thought that I would need the eye chart to really determine if I my eyesight was getting better. After the first session, I realized that I did not need any eye chart to know that there was a huge difference."

Teri M. from Toronto, Canada, wrote, "I have had poor vision since childhood. Although skeptical, I must admit that two weeks into your vision therapy program, my vision has greatly improved."