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Natural vision improvement through vision therapy involves a series of exercises and techniques used to improve, maintain, and prevent visual disorders. The definition of vision therapy does not refer to any particular refractive error. Rather, vision therapy is designed to upgrade the entire visual system and can improve many different types of disorders. One can develop poor visual practices. Vision therapy exercises are designed to help one to correct poor visual practices and develop new habits that improve visual acuity.

Natural vision improvement is not a new concept. Dr. William H. Bates, a highly respected doctor within the field of ophthalmology who wrote The Bates Method for Better Eyesight without Glasses, pioneered improving vision naturally in 1919.

Dr. Bates examined thousands of patients and observed that many cases of refractive errors changed their form or suddenly improved. Dr. Bates stated, “Every ophthalmologist of any experience knows that the theory of incurability of errors of refraction does not fit the observed facts. Not infrequently such cases recover spontaneously, or change from one form to another.” His observations led him to theorize that these conditions were not permanent and that there could be a cure or prevention for them. His theory led him to do more research on methods to improve vision naturally. Similarly, I have received countless stories of vision improvement from participants of my Vision Therapy System. Many members have reported some improvement within a week or two, while others have reported improvements over a longer period of time.

Bates concluded from his research that the cause of refractive errors was straining to see and that if taught to relax, the eye could again function normally. Nearly 80 years have passed since Bates’ research began and since then the theory of natural vision improvement was introduced and extensively researched by professionals around the world.

Doctors that teach and/or offer services in vision therapy are referred to as behavioral optometrists and are usually board certified in vision therapy. Although the numbers of practitioners are quite small in relation to the number of total practicing doctors in the eye care field, there are a number of organizations devoted to the practice of vision therapy and that number is growing.

Many behavioral optometrists specialize in vision development of children with reading or learning disorders and behavioral problems. Others are more committed to the improvement of the overall visual function and the prevention of visual disorders. Practitioners are devoted to helping people correct and learn visual practices that will improve their vision naturally without the need for corrective lenses or surgery.

I have painstakingly researched the most effective vision therapy developed over the past 80 years for improving the major vision disorders and compiled them into my Vision Therapy System. Through my experiments with vision therapy, I have found and compiled the most effective vision therapy system to regain lost flexibility, strength, and visual acuity in the visual system. My vision therapy system relieves the internal muscular stress that causes blurred vision. I know that with a little of your time and effort your will be able to improve your vision without expensive corrective lenses or the possible dangers of surgery.

Your visual practices may be harming and weakening your eyesight. Most jobs now involve the use of a computer or other electronic device. Focusing on these screens for long periods of time can cause eye strain. For this reason I developed special exercises in my Vision Therapy System that would help reduce the strain caused by focusing on electronic screens.

While vision therapy can help to strengthen your eyesight, the proper nutritional practices and the right amounts of vitamins and nutrients will help to strengthen and maintain good vision. There are some specific nutritional practices that are essential for strengthening and maintaining healthy vision and I have written extensively about these practices in my book Vision Therapy: Exercise Your Eyes and Improve Your Eyesight.

Vision therapy and natural vision improvement should not be thought of as a complex process. Vision Therapy is a simple, common sense approach to the care of the visual system that can be easily incorporated into your daily lifestyle. My book educates you on how to create a customized vision therapy program designed to correct your specific visual problems.

Vision Therapy, proper nutrition, and the right amounts of vitamins and nutrients, are all things that can be easily made part of your daily practices.

If you would like to see an example of a few basic eye exercises, visit the following link Eye Exercises to Improve Eyesight.

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