Additional Factors to Consider for an Effective Vision Therapy Program to Naturally Improve Eyesight

Additional Factors to Consider for an Effective Vision Therapy Program to Naturally Improve Eyesight

The article Evaluating Vision Therapy Programs describes the components of an effective Vision Therapy program.

Are there any other factors to consider to naturally improve eyesight?

There are many factors that affect how well Vision Therapy programs work. Some of the most important ones are:

  • Whether an eye disease is present, and if so, understanding any limitations that the eye disease presents
  • Understanding the effects of any medication that you are taking
  • Proper Nutrition, including toxic chemicals in processed food that you may unknowingly be ingesting
  • Physical and Mental Stress
  • Aging

Vision Therapy is not meant to take the place of a doctor in treating disease that affects the eye. Many diseases of the body and eye disease however, can be effectively treated with proper nutrition, physical exercise, and controlling physical and mental stress. Pharmaceutical medications to “treat” chronic or acute disease can have profound side effects on the body and your eyesight. You must understand the side effects and consequences of the medications that you ingest. Be sure to read the medication package insert to understand the side effects of medication you take.

It is important to understand that most of the factors listed that determine the effectiveness of a vision therapy program are the same factors that determine normal physical and mental health.

Proper nutrition: Consuming the correct foods in the right combinations, amounts, and at the proper times is essential for your body to function properly. Eliminating problematic and processed foods such as GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organism), and foods that contain such things as high fructose corn syrup, corn and/or soy oils, hydrogenated oils, and avoiding fluoridated water, are also essential. As most fruit and vegetables are grown in mineral depleted soils and animals are fed GMO grain from mineral depleted soils, supplementation or ensuring that you receive the proper vitamins and minerals is very important. Doing these things will ensure that your body is able to maintain its proper hormonal ratios, cycles, and balances to combat the effects of aging.

Exercise The right combinations of anaerobic and aerobic exercise is important to maintain proper body function, hormonal production, and regulation such as growth hormone and testosterone or estrogen secretion. Physical exercise also helps relieve the body of stress.

Stress Control The use of some type of stress relief such as meditation to control physical and mental stress and prevent cortisol overproduction.

You will age, but how you age is critical. Nutrition, exercise, and stress relief, will ease the effects of aging and help mitigate the emergence of disease. In this healthy environment, vision therapy is extremely effective.

With increased dependence on medications, reduced nutritional content and chemicals in processed food, the propensity of obesity, increased stress and tension, increased and extended times spent in front of the computer and TV, and other associated reasons and causes, it is no wonder 90% of people will need glasses to correct developed visual deficiencies and blurred vision.

Additional Resources

To learn more about how tissue regeneration is affected by aging and what you can do to limit or even reverse the impact of aging on your body and eye sight, we suggest that you purchase and read the book “The Anti-Aging Zone” or “Toxic Fat: When Good Fat Turns Bad” by Barry Sears. Dr. Barry Sears produces many books on the subject and we recommend reading and understanding his philosophy to combat the effects of aging. There is no relationship monetarily or otherwise between anyone at and Dr. Barry Sears.

Link to “The Anti-Aging Zone” by Barry Sears
Link to “Toxic Fat: When Good Fat Turns Bad” by Barry Sears
Link to Dr. Barry Sears website
Link to Dr. Barry Sears Zone Diet website

To learn more about what you can do to limit or relieve stress to reverse the impact of aging on your body and eye sight, we suggest that you learn more about the Holosync meditation products by Centerpointe. We believe the Centerpointe technology is scientifically proven and extremely effective in reducing stress and increasing intellectual capacity.

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