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I developed and offer my own complete Vision Therapy System to naturally improve eyesight.

My Personal Road to Perfect Eyesight

In 2000 A.D., I experienced physical eye trauma to one eye resulting in an injury that was compounded by an inappropriate medical prescription designed to treat the injury. The combined trauma and damage caused by the prescription drug resulted in severely limited vision in my injured eye.

Unable to accept the result of this injury, I began a mission to overcome it. The damage I sustained allowed me to interact with the accomplished doctors of many prestigious universities and institutions. I participated in events and seminars that only doctors were invited to and was exposed to all types of rehabilitation. I researched and sought all information, studies, and associated work on vision impairment and restoration that I could get my hands on.

One important observation of this journey was the adherence of most of the vision industry to the medical model of healing. This model takes a general approach to correcting vision problems by mitigating symptoms without offering any solution to the underlying disorder.

One important discovery of this journey was the field of sequencing neurosensory and neuromuscular activities that are individually prescribed to develop, rehabilitate, and enhance visual skills and information processing. This is also referred to as Vision Therapy.

My journey resulted in the restoration of my vision. The restoration of the vision of others I shared my concepts with motivated me to develop my own Vision Therapy System.

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