Eye Exercises to Improve Eyesight

The following eye exercises to improve eyesight are samples of some types of vision therapy.

To get more extensive vision therapy and eye exercises to improve eyesight see “Vision Therapy System“.

To learn more about vision therapy see “About Vision Therapy“.

Eye Exercise 1 to Improve Eyesight

Eye shifting
Time required 60 seconds
Move both of your eyes in circles around the eye socket with your eyes open while focusing at objects at the periphery. While doing this your head may also move in circles. Repeat in clockwise and counter wise directions 10 times.
What it does:
This exercise relaxes the muscles that move the eyes themselves, which relaxes them. It also serves to relax the head and neck.

Eye Exercise 2 to Improve Eyesight

Shifting of Focus Far to Near

Time required 60-90 seconds
With both eyes open find a point or object and focus on it. While focusing on the object position your finger or a pen about 6-12 inches in front of your face. Whether your finger or a pen is used, you should see two of them. Switch your focus to your finger or pen and you will see two of the object that you were previously focusing on. Switch your views back and forth after focusing on the fine details of the object. Repeat this 10 times.
What it does:
This exercise helps correct the dominance of one eye over the other in sight. It relieves accumulated stress on your eyes, restores elasticity of the Ciliary body muscles, and improves your ability to focus.

Eye Exercise 3 to Improve Eyesight

Time required 60 seconds
Without applying pressure to your eyes or eyelids, tilt your head down and cup your hands over your eyes with your fingers overlapping. Some find that it is beneficial to rub the hands together to generate warmth prior to performing the exercise.
What it does:
The purpose is to relax your eyes and mind. Many people report to see light streaks while performing this exercise. If you see this you are releasing accumulated stress. Your goal should be to work up to the elimination of the light streaks where you see only black or darkness.

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